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    On its 500 hectares of fields, Malmgård focuses on organic farming and the development of organic food products.  Apart from more traditional activities, such as forestry, Malmgård nowadays also welcomes visiting tourists and has a micro brewery.  The estate produces its own hydro power.

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    WHAT’S ON?

    In the estate shop we grind and sell our organically grown wheat, rye, barley, oats and spelt in their various forms. We want to help enable our clients to bake, prepare a müsli or buy our bread products with fresh flour as the basic ingredient and common denominator. The customers can even grind their own flour in the shop if they so wish. Freshness is our key focus – a freshness with all nutrients intact.

    -> Malmgård Estate will be participating in the International Green Week (Grüne Woche) in the fair of Berlin on January 24-28 together with other producers within the Finnish tourist sector, food and beer production. You are welcome to visit us in Hall 8.2, Stand 116. Malmgård will introduce its activities within food tourism as a producer organic raw materials and craft beers.

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    Opening hours:

    10am to 4pm
    10am to 6pm
    Saturday; 10am to 4pm
    Sunday:11am to 4pm

    Telephone number: +358 40 168 5271




In the brewing of our brewery’s products we use domestic barley malts, cereals from our fields, spring water from our well and electricity from our hydro power plant.  This results in a broad range of unfiltered top-fermented beers without any additives


Here you can find resellers of our products.


Our online shop serves every hour of every day. kauppa.malmgard.fi

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    Malmgård café is located in the heart of the old estate atmosphere.  In the past, the person responsible for the cows used to live in this building. The red painted building, with traditional white-coloured corners, dates back to the turn of the 19th century and was converted into a café a few years ago.  It was our ambition to create a colourful experience for our visitors and each room therefore has its own colour and ambience.

    The café is now open for group reservations.

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    The mansion house at Malmgård is a private home, but we welcome pre-booked guests (May-September).  At the brewery guests can try out different products and hear about how to brew beers.
    Read more about the guided visits and the visits to the brewery. >>

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    Malmgård is a historical location with long traditions. The Dutch new renaissance inspired manor house was built in the 1880:s but the history of the estate dates back to the early 17th century. Since then the estate has been owned by the Creutz family of counts. Malmgård’s manor house is a privately owned home.