Malmgård is located along the Forsby river in Pernaja (nowadays a part of Loviisa).  For Finnish conditions, the estate’s history is unique.  The Creutz family has owned the estate since 1614 and if one only includes the male members of the family, the family has had 16 owners, of which I represent the 12th generation of owners.
The history of the estate itself dates back to 1606 when the Swedish King Charles IX, bestowed 30 hamlets in Pernaja to Catharina Hess von Wichdorff, a widow of war, whom the King wanted to compensate for the loss of her husband.  When she later married Ernst (Larsson) Creutz from Stor-Sarvlaks, also located in Pernaja, the fief was transferred to him.  The fief was later expanded under King Gustav II Adolf and was finally donated in 1625.

Until the 1880:s Malmgård had the characteristics of an ordinary estate and the two-storey Empire style main building was built in wood.  However, Count Carl Magnus Creutz, who played an important role in Finnish politics and who, among other responsibilities, acted as governor of Turku (1864-89) was of the opinion that the building was far too modest.  He therefore assigned the task of drawing the current corps-de-logi to the Finnish architect F.A. Sjöström.  The Dutch new renaissance inspired brick manor house of today was built between 1882-85.

Johan Creutz

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